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Barclays Bank Egypt has a long history of world class financial servicing in Egypt, having been strongly present in the Egyptian market since 1864. Barclays re-entered Egypt 30 years ago as a joint venture company with Banque du Caire with Barclays PLC increasing its shareholding equity to 60% by 1999. In March 2004, Barclays acquired 100% ownership of the business and continued since then as an engine of growth through realization of its horizontal and vertical expansion plans. Barclays has a wide network of 65 branches in 23 governorates all over Egypt. Almost 60% of Barclays Egypt branches are in three major governorates which are Cairo, Giza and Alexandria.

Building upon a long history in the Egyptian market, Barclays Bank Egypt today has a well spread client base including leading international, regional and domestic companies as well as a strong base of retail banking customers. Employing more than 1864 people, Barclays Bank Egypt serves more than 279,000 customers across the country through a network of 65 branches and 108 in-branch and off-site ATMs.

Barclays Bank Egypt continues to provide its corporate clients in various business areas with expert financial solutions relying on its extensive knowledge of the local market as well as its longstanding experience in international markets. Building on its successful history in the corporate field, a specialized business module for the SMEs has been developed in 2007 and is currently seen as the most suitable module in the market due to its holistic offerings ranging from finance to vocational training of management and specialized workshops by industry.

Being an active member of the international Barclays conglomerate, Barclays Bank Egypt capitalizes on the expertise and empowerment of the global enterprise to offer high value and unique products and services across the Egyptian market. Barclays Bank Egypt has further expanded its product offerings through 2008 with a focus on retail and Premier tailor-made products serving all customers’ needs such as the car finance scheme, personal loans, daily interest bearing accounts and cards business.

Barclays is extremely dedicated to support the communities within which we operate and in Egypt we are committed to setting an exemplary model in corporate social responsibility. At Barclays we dedicate up to 1% of our profits before tax to corporate social investment initiatives, meaning that the better we perform the more we can contribute to enhancing our community.

We engage our communities through partnering with local associations to support initiatives that enable sustainable economic growth. We have also created a world-class volunteering program that has witnessed strong participation of our staff members and leaders who invest their time and skills in various initiatives.

In October 2009, Barclays Egypt won the Africa investor Investment and Business Leader Award for the Best Initiative in Support of SMEs and the Millennium Development Goals. Barclays Egypt has also received 2 awards from Visa international in 2009 in recognition of 2008 performance: 1) Fastest Growing Credit card Portfolio in Egypt and 2) Superior customer Service Cycle.


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